Development Quick Start

The following instructions assume that Nix and lorri are already installed, and an empty + writable PostgreSQL database can be accessed somehow.

If you don’t have Nix and lorri or can’t use an existing PostgreSQL server, have a look at Development Environment.

  1. Clone the repository and enter nix shell in the project root folder to open a shell which is your dev environment:
git clone
cd ekklesia-portal
lorri shell
  1. Compile translations and CSS:
makebabel.ipy compile
sassc -I $SASS_PATH src/ekklesia_portal/sass/portal.sass \
  1. Create a config file named config.yml using the config template from src/ekklesia_portal/config.example.yml or skip this to use the default settings from src/ekklesia_portal/ Make sure that the database connection string points to an empty + writable database.
  2. Initialize the dev database with a custom config file:
python tests/ -c config.yml
  1. The development server can be run with a custom config file by executing:
python src/ekklesia_portal/ –debug -c config.yml